DataMinder: How it works!
Rapid Server Development

DataMinder Server allows you to develop, combine and reuse modules to build enterprise applications quickly. Aimed at professionals working with any corporate data. You'll be able to focus on the solution, not the tools. It's simple to use. Build, deploy and monitor new enterprise solutions quickly and easily. With reusable Java plugins.

Decide what to do?

What needs to be done? What steps do you do? Which flows do you need to implement?

Design and build the missing plugins in no time!

Build Tasks, Inputs, Outputs, Decisions, Services, Listeners, Schedulers or Common Objects.

Generate code or checkout our samples here!

Write your code -> Put in a Jar file -> Install Jar file -> DnD to build your flow!

//The run method where you put implementation
run(tableWithData, pluginParameters)


* And yes, you can debug your plugin directly in DataMinder. Run your code, step by step. Do the fun stuff and let DM do the boring stuff!

Have all the plugins? Go to

Which plugins do you need to build the solution?

  • Tasks manipulate data
    send mail, set data to lower case, encrypt data etc.
  • Inputs get data
    read a file, retrieve data from database etc.
  • Outputs output data
    write data to file, write data to database etc.
  • Decisions change the flow
    include another process, redirect flow to another process, check authentication etc.
  • Services listen to outside events
    http/https web service calls, file modifications etc.
  • Listeners start a process when a service receives events
    web service call, file is uploaded etc.
  • Schedulers start a process based on time
    every hour, every Sunday at 04:00 etc.
  • Common Objects shared resources
    database connections etc.

Do you have all plugins?

Go to Go to

Build your solution with DnD

Is it difficult? No, it's not!
Only two concepts you must understand to successfully use DataMinder. Just two!

1: How to build flows using plugins here

2: How to build plugins here

Download DataMinder

Not advanced enough for you needs?

Well, let's say you have PLUGINS that do the following:

Or you have PLUGINS that do this:

What kind of smart solutions could YOU build
with the plugins above?

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