DataMinder: About us

The company: LucidArt AB

LucidArt AB is a Swedish company based in the beautiful medieval city Visby on the island of Gotland. LucidArt AB is the provider of the DataMinder platform.

In this inspiring place we get the ideas and inspiration that drives us.

The name is based on the idea of "Lucid" as being clearly expressed, easy to understand, to be able to think clearly and "Art" as the art of hiding the complexities of technology and make it easy and fun to use.

About us

We have more than 20 years of experience as IT professionals and programmers working with both small and large multinational companies and government agencies.

About DataMinder

We wanted to create a tool we needed and would want to use. We wanted to make code reuse and management easy and fun. We wanted it to be easy to install and run code.
We didn't know then, but the concept we were imagining would later become know as "low-code".
A software equivalent to a Swiss Army knife. A tool you would bring to any project, being able to do anything with and a tool you would never want to be without. Only your imagination would be the limit. Whatever you needed to do, DataMinder would be there to help you.

Have we succeeded?

Yes, we believe so. The first thing we realised was that we could implement DataMinder with DataMinder itself. Yes, DataMinder is actually built using internal plugins running in internal processes!

And we were the very first users of DataMinder ourselves since we needed to run jobs every day managing things like licence management and release management.

Email:   Address: LucidArt AB Visby Sweden