Why DataMinder?

Well, you can do it the old dumb way

"you code everything"

Notice all the code above? All the annotations?
How much code do you think is really necessary?

Or, do it the smart way

"you reuse the code"

Wouldn't it be better to:
- write code and package it in reusable plugins?
- build flows without recompiling the application?
- using Drag'n Drop instead of "annotations"?

Which way do you think is faster? The redundant coding or easy Drag'n Drop?

Why spend your life writing unnecessary code? You deserve better!

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But, I only work with
complex solutions bla
bla bla ...


No matter how complex the server application,
all flows are made of 3 basic functions.

Yes, really. Just 3 basic functions.

from files, user interface, databases, other system or whatever ...
Do something with the data.
Save or send data somewhere. To files, user interface, databases, other system or whatever ...

What if each function could be
packaged and reused?
If flows could be built quickly
with drag n´ drop?

How it works? Check it out here!

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