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Many developers use the same tools, live the same life and drive the same car.
Others make decisions for them: what to do, what to think ...

You've got this far so you're probably not like them. Right?

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What does it take to install DataMinder?

  1. Install Java. Version 8 or later will do. We develop DataMinder using Java 8 for maximum compatibility.
  2. Download DataMinder as DataMinder_[...].zip file and download your FREE license.
    Follow the orange buttons above.
  3. Unzip the DataMinder_[...].zip and run the installation from terminal prompt by just running java command:

    Run command:
    java -jar DataMinder.jar

    Point a local browser to: to continue the installation.
  4. During the installation you need to provide the following:
    • Name of your organization: Used to create a self-signed certificate, so you can start working with secure HTTPS protocol.
    • Administrator password: Secure password to access the admin interface.
    • [Optional] Admin https port: Defaults to 8443. The port you access the admin interface.
    • [Optional] Web service http port: Defaults to 9080. The port used when calls to non-https microservices are made.
    • [Optional] Web service https port: Defaults to 9443. The port used when calls to secure https microservices are made.
  5. Proceed to the secure login at (if you choose the default port): and login.
  6. Install your FREE license to get started. Go to tab "Monitor" and choose "Licence" (the right corner). Upload the downloaded license. "Manually uploaded licenses" -> "Select license file" -> "Upload license file to server".

You're done with installation!
Now, start building your own plugins.

And The Sample Library ...

Download sample implementation of all DataMinder plugins here.

  1. Install the sample plugin library in Java IDE och your choice.
  2. Build a JAR file with the included manifest, plugins and plugin library file.
  3. Install the JAR file in the standard plugin directory as "Acme_plugins/Acme_plugins.jar" in:

Wow, this was easy! Now it's time to start working ...

There are just 2 concepts you must understand to successfully use DataMinder.

  • Concept 1: When you create a solution focus on working with data flows. What data do you need? What do you need to do with it? Could the process be done in a number of well-defined discrete steps?
  • Concept 2: If discrete steps could be implemented using reusable, stand-alone plugins. What would they be?

Next step: Go to HOW IT WORKS where the 2 concepts are explained.

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