How To Develop DataMinder Plugins?

Get Started With DataMinder Plugin Development

The prerequisites for Plugin development

To start developing your own DataMinder plugins you need the following:

  1. A DataMinder installation
  2. Java development environment

A starting point for documentation is support pages. Here you can find the main help file describing DataMinder and DataMinder plugin development especially. And you can find the Javadoc documentation for plugin interfaces and utility classes.

Plugin development in 6 easy steps

To make your custom plugins available in DataMinder you need to create a plugin library that contains at least one plugin and add the library to DataMinder plugin folder.

To create a new plugin library follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Create a Java project using your favorite Java Development tool.
  2. Add the plugin development libraries to your projects classpath.
  3. Implement one of the plugin interfaces for:
    Task, Output, Input, Scheduler, Decision, Common Object, Service or Listener
  4. Create a Java Jar file.
  5. Install your new Plugin Library by putting the Jar in plugin library folder.
  6. Done! Now you can let your plugins work by combining them into processes.

Set up your Java development

Set up a standard Java project in your favorite Java development tool.

Add the following 2 plugin development libraries (Jar files) to your project classpath. You can find them in DataMinder installation directory.

Implement chosen plugin

For current information about building plugins please see the help file PluginDevelopment.

The easies way is to use our code generator to generate:

Install your library in DataMinder

When you have implemented your first plugin and generated the library Jar file you install the library by puting the library in plugin library folder. Let's say our library is called "DemoPlugins".

  1. Create folder DataMinder/Server/Config/Plugins/DemoPlugins
  2. Put your generated Jar file DemoPlugins.jar as DataMinder/Server/Config/Plugins/DemoPlugins/DemoPlugins.jar
  3. [Optional] If you need external libraries to support the plugins put them in DataMinder/Server/Config/Plugins/DemoPlugins/lib
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