Use DataMinder as low-code platform

DataMinder as a low-code platform

DataMinder is a general purpose low-code platform. For examples of usage check out our "How it works" page.

Developers will like low-code because it makes work more fun. It feels good to be able to build systems quickly and with less effort.

Managers like low-code because it gives them more options. Perhaps to be able to do projects that would have taken to much time using other platforms. It also makes it easier to order new software because it is easier to create requirement specifications if the deliverables are well defined modules.

IT-professionals will like to be able to solve problems without the need to write code.

One important thing to remember is that low-code platforms are tools among other tools. Multiple tools can work together to provide a comprehensive solution. Each tool doing what it does best.

We like to think of it as instruments in a classical orchestra. There is not a single instrument that can play every note. Rather the music is created by different instruments playing the notes they play best.

Standalone server

DataMinder as a standalone server. For example: running batch jobs, integrating or synchronising systems.

Backend server

DataMinder as a backend server providing data to frontend applications, both web and mobile applications.

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