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Download your DataMinder and get your evaluation licence.

Get the latest version of DataMinder for your platform.
Download and start working today!
Free 2 week renewable licence!
Evaluate for as long as you need to convince yourself.
No questions asked.


Unpack zip file and run the startup script. Watch the install movie below to get started.

Download movie and watch how to install and start working with DataMinder in 4:05 minutes!

Start working

Startup your DataMinder and start working!

Create your own plugins

Download sample code. Start building your own plugins today.

A very simple "HelloWorld" example:

Example implementation of all DataMinder plugins.

Documentation and code generation utility here.

Watch the movie below to see how to build and install your new plugin library.

Download and watch movie showing how to build and install new DataMinder plugin in 4:37 minutes!

Frequently asked questions

Can I renew my evaluation licence?

Yes, you can. Take your time. If your 1 week evaluation licence expires just download a new one. Either DataMinder is your thing or not. We hope it is your thing though.

Email:   Address: LucidArt AB Visby Sweden